Wednesday, 20 November 2013

500 watt Solar PV System

Here is a re post of a blog I deleted by mistake.  the system has been in a year now and produced 440kWh in that time.


This system consists of two Suntech 250 watt mono panels and a single Enecsys Duo 480 inverter.
Fitting has been done using bolts for the K2 frame and a Solar Flash for the cable entry.
The system is south east facing and suffers from some shadding on the bottom panel for most of the day from cables in front of the house.  About three months each side of the longest day, the shaddow should not have an affect.

DC is bought off the roof through the loft to the back of the house in the downstairs kitchen, inverter is located in a cold corner for a bit of free heat.

I belive the system will do about 300kWh a year.  I am on the £0.21 fit rate.

I am happy with this system and using my Current Cost meter I can keep a good idea on what is being used.