Friday, 9 November 2012

Insulating a Cornish Granite House - Part 2

This is part 2 of my insulating efforts of my house.  This is the second of the two bedrooms and backs onto the first room in part 1 below.

This room is being done in a slightly less agressive mannor, I did not remove any plastering from the wall as they where sound, I did remove the old wood chip paper back to the wall to stop this going mouldy over time.

I installed 25mm Kingspan 1200mm x 600mm sheets.  This will reduce the U-value from ~3.0 to 0.7 so a five fold reduction in heat loss, the other room done in part one had 65mm insulation and the U-value went from ~3.0 to ~ 0.3, a ten fold reduction, better but I am happy with a five fold reduction for this room.

What follows are pictures of the different stages looking back towards the partition wall between the two rooms

The partition wall between the two bedrooms.  The start.

Stripping back the old plaster

Wall stripped back and Accostic Partition Roll (APR) installed.

Wall boarded out, this wall was tapped and filled but I papered over it as I had to cut a diagonal in the right hand board and this could not be filled.

Linning paper installed and cutting in for paint started.


Looking towards the outside wall

  Work starting - partner removing wood chip paper.

Metal frame and 25m Kingspan/Celotex and Xertherm insulation

Insulating for sound on the left of the picture to next door.  Yellow insulation in the cornor of the room is acostic partition roll (APR)

Room boarded out, including the ceiling, tapped and dry lined with easy fill plaster.  Much cheaper than a plaster and looks good too.

Around the window frame and surround

Painting begins!

Room painted out and skirting board installed.

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